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David Heinemann, Ascension Class of 1989 and Financial Advisor

"At Ascension I learned core values such as honesty, loyalty, and hard work. They served me well throughout my subsequent education and now in my career."

How Ascension School Incorporates Public Administration Principles in its Curriculum

Importance of Public Administration Principles

Public administration principles form the foundation of effective governance and ensure the smooth functioning of public institutions. Understanding these principles is crucial for aspiring public administrators.

Curriculum Integration

Ascension School takes a holistic approach to teaching public administration principles through various subjects and activities. Here are some key ways in which the school incorporates these principles into its curriculum:

  • Public Policy Analysis

    Students engage in in-depth analysis of public policies and their impact on society. They learn to assess policy effectiveness and propose meaningful improvements.

  • Ethics in Public Administration

    The school emphasizes the importance of ethical decision-making in public administration. Students are encouraged to critically evaluate ethical dilemmas and develop solutions based on moral principles.

  • Collaborative Governance

    Ascension School promotes collaborative governance by encouraging students to work together on projects and develop skills in teamwork and negotiation. This prepares them for the challenges of working in a public administration setting.


Ascension School's integration of public administration principles into its curriculum prepares students for successful careers in the field. By providing a solid foundation in these principles, the school equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of public administration.


1. How does Ascension School incorporate real-world examples into its curriculum?

Ascension School recognizes the importance of bridging the gap between theory and practice. To achieve this, the school regularly invites guest speakers from the public administration field to share their insights and experiences with students.

2. Can students pursue internships in public administration while studying at Ascension School?

Absolutely! Ascension School encourages students to gain practical experience by seeking internships in various public administration organizations. The school provides support and guidance to help students find suitable opportunities.

3. Are there any research opportunities available for students interested in public administration?

Yes, Ascension School offers research opportunities for students interested in delving deeper into public administration topics. Students can work closely with faculty members on research projects and contribute to the existing body of knowledge in the field.


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