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David Heinemann, Ascension Class of 1989 and Financial Advisor

"At Ascension I learned core values such as honesty, loyalty, and hard work. They served me well throughout my subsequent education and now in my career."

The Importance of Public Administration Education in Ascension School Curriculum

Why is Public Administration Education Important?

Public administration education equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle the challenges of governance in the modern world.

1. Enhances Governance

A sound understanding of public administration principles and practices enhances the overall governance of a country or organization. It helps in formulating policies, implementing programs, and ensuring transparency and accountability.

2. Develops Leadership Skills

Public administration education develops leadership skills among students. It equips them with the ability to think critically, make informed decisions, and lead teams effectively.

3. Promotes Efficiency

Efficient governance is a key outcome of public administration education. By teaching students how to manage resources, optimize processes, and make evidence-based decisions, it contributes to the overall efficiency of public institutions.


Q: What career opportunities are available in public administration?

A: Public administration offers a wide range of career opportunities in government agencies, non-profit organizations, and international institutions. Some common roles include policy analyst, program manager, and public administrator.

Q: Is public administration education relevant in the private sector?

A: Yes, public administration education is relevant in the private sector as well. Many private companies and organizations require professionals with a strong understanding of governance and public policy to navigate complex regulatory landscapes.

Q: Can public administration education contribute to social change?

A: Absolutely. Public administration education empowers individuals to drive positive social change by advocating for inclusive policies, implementing reforms, and addressing the needs of marginalized communities.


Public administration education is essential for developing competent leaders and efficient governance systems. By equipping students with the necessary knowledge and skills, it enables them to make a significant impact in public and private sector organizations. Embracing public administration education in the Ascension School curriculum will ensure that students are prepared to tackle the complex challenges of the modern world.


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